Friday, September 25, 2009

Michelle Malkin misspells RAAAAACIST!

From a great blog by, ROBERT STACY MCCAIN...

Are complaints about MSM bias all about politics? Republicans just "working the refs"? No. Because so much of what people know (or think they know) about the world comes via media, the lopsided liberal bias has the effect of cluttering people's minds with false impressions.

Don't worry about radical Islam, the MSM say, the real danger is those "anti-government" Tea Party rallies.

Don't worry about the exploding federal deficit, the MSM say, the real danger is those racists who didn't vote for Obama.

Don't worry about the mistakes in our bogus reporting, the MSM say, the real danger is Glenn Beck.

1 comment:

  1. Almost anyone who dares to oppose the Obama agenda is labeled racist. The race card is the wild card in the liberal deck and when everything else fails its always played.